Camino Island

Grisham, John


From the perennially bestselling author, comes a new suspense-filled novel set on an idyllic Florida Island. The most daring heist in literary history targets a high security vault beneath Princeton University – in it lay the five priceless manuscripts of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s only novels – and now the perpetrators have vanished without trace

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John Grisham’s novels have sold over 300 million copies worldwide. CAMINO ISLAND is both an unputdownable beach read and a thriller for book lovers, beginning with a literary heist and finishing with a cat and mouse duel between a beguiling criminal and the woman set to uncover his guilt.

The most daring and devastating heist in literary history targets a high security vault located deep beneath Princeton University.

Valued at $25 million (though some would say priceless) the five manuscripts of F Scott Fitzgerald’s only novels are amongst the most valuable in the world. After an initial flurry of arrests, both they and the ruthless gang of thieves who took them have vanished without trace.

Dealing in stolen books is a dark business, and few are initiated to its arts – which puts Bruce Kable right on the FBI’s Rare Asset Recovery Unit’s watch list.
A struggling writer burdened by debts, Mercer Mann spent summers on Florida’s idyllic Camino Island as a kid, in her grandmother’s beach cottage. Now she is being made an offer she can’t refuse: to return to the peace of the island, to write her novel – and get close to a certain infamous bookseller, and his interesting collection of manuscripts . . .

‘This story takes you into the dark underworld of the black market for rare books. Think Da Vince Code meets Sherlock Holmes’ Sun

‘The gripping plot will have you devouring the chapters in such a frantic fashion you’ll begin to wonder if you are somehow complicit in this perfect crime’ Heat

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Grisham, John






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